citroen nuts and bolts

If you're new to Citroen cars, you'll no doubt be thinking that the fixing sizes are strange compared with other European and American cars.

A DS has a few fixings which are in common sizes, but for the most part the fixings are one of two sizes


All those smaller bolts and nuts you find on a DS are the slightly uncommon size of M5.

I can supply packs of new stainless steel M5 nuts and bolts in various lengths for your DS or other Citroen. Please contact me for details.


The larger bolts are almost all a very rare size - M7. You'll struggle to find these at the best of times, but Citroen made things even harder for you by making them in a practically unheard of .75 thread pitch.

The moral of this is is keep hold of any fixings you take off a DS!

why are they yellow?

All of the visible fixings on the DS were yellow cadmium plated when it was new. This is what gives them that yellow tint. You can still get yellow cadmium plated nuts and bolts but be aware that they won't stay like that for long. (Just look at the old ones on your car!!). A lot of people choose to replace them with stainless steel fixings which are nice and shiny and will stay that way.

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