restoration costs

This is the frightening page! Below you'll find how much this restoration is costing me.

It's not actually as bad as I thought it was going to be, but still every time I ring a specialist and ask the price of some parts I cringe as they are regularly double my estimate!

Item Cost Supplier
Cost of car £550 Private Sale
Trailer Hire £35 Congleton Trailer Hire
MIG Welder £169 Welding Warehouse
2m2 1mm mild steel £20 Tatham Steel, Stockport
3m 4.5mm hydraulic line £10 Pleaides
Valve seal kit £10.69 Brodie Engineering
Heater water pipe gaskets £1.46 Brodie Engineering
water pump gasket + spare £4.87 Brodie Engineering
Spark plug seals £10 Brodie Engineering
Inlet manifold gaskets £9 Brodie Engineering
Rocker cover gasket £10.99 Brodie Engineering
Exhaust manifold gaskets £10 Brodie Engineering
Exhaust downpipe gaskets £6.40 Brodie Engineering
Head bolt to replace sheared £2.35 Brodie Engineering
Rear suspension balljoint boots £5 Centreville
Rear suspension pins £5 Centreville
Right hand floorpan £75 Centreville
Left hand elephants ear £20 Centreville
Chassis black paint £46 Halfords
Seam sealer £15 Sandbach Motor factors
Welding gas £158 BOC
Gas cylinder hire £30 BOC
Welding wire £37 Halfords
Rear light housing £5 John Howard
Front Centre armrest £10 John Howard
Front Valence £25 John Howard
Front bumper rubber £5 John Howard
Pre 1972 Steering wheel £30 John Howard
Front left door £40 Jon Lord
Rear left door £20 Jon Lord
Bootlid £60 Jon Lord
Boot seals £8.50 Tatton Park Autojumble
3m high pressure fuel hose £10 Holmes Hose, Sandbach
Fuel line clamps x16 £4 Holmes Hose, Sandbach
Water pump housing gasket £1.20 Centreville
Steering rack gaiter £19.99 Centreville
LHM ring seals for rack £0.90 Centreville
Spark Plugs (Beru Ultra Z40) £4.29 Euro Car Parts
Head Gasket (Meillor) £15 Euro Car Parts
HT Leads (Electricfil Bougicord 3102) £11.99 Euro Car Parts
Rubber sheeting for mudflaps £7 NEC Classic Car Show
Exhaust manifold studs replaced and holes tapped £10 Stockport Engines
Starter motor cable and new eyelet £5 Crewe Auto Electrics
Loom wrap tape £6 Frost
3mm cable for new injection harness £4 Halfords
Spark plug tube 'cigars' £2 Peter Wells
Spare fuel pump £5 Chris Trow
Lucas super coil £15 Tatton Park Autojumble
2m LHM rubber high volume supply line £12 Pleaides
1m 6.35 HP line £9 Pleaides
New gearshift rubber £8 Citrogaz
'Citroen Prefere Total' sticker £5 Citrogaz
'Total Antigel' sticker £1 Citrogaz
'Total oil' sticker £1 Citrogaz
2 metres 4.5mm cupro-nickel hydraulic line £6.50 eBay Auction
Stainless steel indicator trims £10 Len Drew
Spare rear left wing £5 CCC UK National Rally
Leather needles and upholstery thread. £8.50 Drummond Wools, Edinburgh
Replacement Hydraulic Pump £50 eBay Auction
New HT Leads, to replace wrong set ordered earlier. Bougicord 3113 £22.33 Peter Wells
Spare set of keys £10 Brodie Engineering
Replacement front bumper £0 Tony Jackson
Pallas Wheeltrim £24 eBay Auction
Reversing lights £0 Tony Jackson
Right hand side Epaulette panel £25 Centreville
Right hand elephants ear rubber £11.50 Centreville
Ingersoll-Rand Compressor £210 eBay Auction
Relays for EFi system £10 Motor World, Crewe
Replacement Fuel injector (0 280 150 043) £50 Brodie Engineering
Replacement multi-pin plug for the injection harness + spare connectors £7.60 Vehicle Wiring Products
High build Cellulose primer £10 Various
High Gloss Black Cellulose paint £20 NEC
Thinners £6 Various
Wet and Dry paper £12 Autopaint
Italian Market clear front indicators £75 eBay
New wing mirrors £13 eBay
New front bumper brackets £10 eBay
Used front right wing £35 Citromobile
New air intake tube £20 Chyparse
New rocker cover breather joint £12 Chyparse
New points £2.50 Chyparse
New Condensor £2.50 Chyparse
New Rotor Arm £2.50 Chyparse
New Distributor cap £12 Chyparse
New indicator trumpet brackets, in stainless steel £15 Citromobile
Used rear right door £75 Citromobile
Fibreglass front valence £30 Gerd Schneider
New drivebelts £30 Chyparse
New steering rack £400 Pleiades
Various pieces of red carpeting £0 Parts DS
Parking brake pedal rubber, with chrome trim £15 Citromobile
Coolant hose clamps (x6) £6 Holmes Hose, Sandbach
Ducellier Ignition Coil £25 MyParts.org
New thermostat £8 MyParts.org
6x3 of mild steel £10 Mellards, Stoke-on-trent
New Starter button £5 NEC Classic Motor Show
New Battery Terminals £5 NEC Classic Motor Show
Replacement heater assembly £22.95 eBay Auction
Replacement Rear Lights £31.89 Adie Pease
Spare front Indicators £10 eBay Auction
Rear left door £50 Citromobile 2004
HP Pump bracket £0 Citromobile 2004
Turning headlights rod £0 Citromobile 2004
Radiator pressure cap £8 Citromobile 2004
Ball bearings for rear suspension pushrods (x2) £2.50 Chyparse
Aluminium boot hinges £30 Citromobile 2004
Circlip for thermostat £0.50 Citromobile 2004
4.5mm Pipe flaring tool £50 Pleiades
Hydraulic pipe, fittings etc. £25 Pleiades
Pallas trim for rear doors £5 eBay
Heater controls fascia £3.90 eBay
Leather Interior £50 eBay
Stainless steel headlight rim £9.33 ebay
Replacement rear bumper £22 eBay
Battery £50 Halfords
Off-white vinyl for door cappings £15 Leons Fabrics, Chorlton-cum-Hardy
Red velour fabric for door cards and armrest £12 Leons Fabrics, Chorlton-cum-hardy
Battery negative terminal £8 ebay
Wiring harness from ECU to engine bay £250 ebay
Various electrical connectors £7.32 Vehicle Wiring Products
Wiring harness to injectors £110 CitroWorld.com
Decals for LHM tank £7 Citromobile 2012
Repair panel for front door £35 Citromobile 2012
Repair panel for left front wing £12 Citromobile 2012
Seals for brake accumulator £0.50 Citromobile 2012
Rubber buffer for rear bumper £3 Citromobile 2012
Main accumulator sphere £27 Ebay
Alloy door handles £15 ebay
Original Bosch Fuel Injection relays x2 £30 Citroen Classics
Fuel injector hose and clamps £9 ebay
Replacement rear seal holder £10 Citroen Classics
Rear left bumper mount £31 Citroen Classics
Header tank mountings £10 Citroen Classics
Rear suspension crossover pipe £20 Citroen Classics
Rear spheres £50 Citroen Classics
Parcel shelf cover £27 Citroen Classics
New starter motor £200 Citroen Classics
Exhaust, plus fitting kit £300 Citroen Classics, Der Franzose
Rear seatbelts £22 eBay
Replacement fuel sender £50 Citroen Classics
Fuel injector seals £15 Citroen Classics
Water hose between AAV and head £20 Citroen Classics
Front spheres £60 Citroen Classics
Carpets £430 Der Franzose
Front inner wing panels £70 Citroen Classics
Front right door repair sections £40 Der Franzose
Front bumper end sections £30 Citroen Classics
Rear window seal £17.28 Citroen Classics
Roof seal £17 Der Franzose
Front right door skin £350 Citroen Classics
Carpet set £500 Der Franzose
Seat covers £700 Der Franzose
Door cards £750 Der Franzose
Total so far: (Monday 06 January 2020)£7539.73

You can also add to that the cost of the hundreds of new nuts, bolts and washers, not to mention things like primer and rust converter and the thousands of hours of labour I've put into this car...

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