Picture of me

This is me, Andy Todd. I live near Nürnberg in Germany although I'm originally from the UK. I bought this DS in 2000 with the intention of restoring it and have been doing every job on the car myself.

The car was in a sorry state when I purchased it, it basically needed completely rebuilding although it ran and the hydraulics worked (in a fashion).

The car started out as a 1972 Italian market DS 23 Injection Pallas, left hand drive painted in metallic Brun Scarabee and trimmed in "Or Clair" coloured jersey velours.

Being a top-of-the line "Pallas" model it features lots of stainless steel trimmings, many of which form notorious rust-traps, particularly in the bodywork. It has a 5-speed manual gearshift with a column mounted stick, as opposed to the semi-automatic version. It therefore has 4 pedals on the floor! (Handbrake, clutch, brake button and accelerator).

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